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Delay of Game

Delay of Game - Catherine Gayle Catherine Gayle surprised me with DELAY OF GAME. She put two characters together, two that I would never imagine together, and made the romance real, honest and, quite frankly, not very easy most of the time. But what Cam and Sara had worked together, despite what he may not say or how Sara acts, what they have with each other proves that opposites do attract (and attract they do).

Sara and Cam may be an unlikely couple, but with each and every page these two are together, readers get the pleasure of following them as they "fit" together. Their relationship is not about sex. Cam makes that pretty clear early on in their relationship. These two truly understand the other and their very different personalities tone down (in Cam's case with Sara) the other.

There is a lot of emotional drama that surrounds Cam and Sara, but that drama generally is really about the two of them, but the things happening around them. But what that drama provides is the perfect backdrop for Sara and Cam to develop their relationship. There's a lot of sass, a lot of dirty talk about women's shoes, but there is also a lot of one big, strong man revealing his soft squishy center to the woman he wants for the rest of his life. It's hard not to love these two together, even when Sara fights what's happening.

For those that follow the series....a little Katie and Babs update. We see both characters, but not together. HOWEVER, there is a fabulous scene with Babs in the locker room that gives us a glimpse of the man he is growing into. Makes me want to beg Catherine to give us their story sooner rather than later.

Another fabulous entry into the series. If you love sports romances (especially hockey) you definitely need to acquaint yourself with the members of the Portland Storm. They are the perfect mix of hot ass men, sexual chemistry and emotion to have you begging for the next book.