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Imminent Danger

Imminent Danger - Dee J. Adams Imminent Danger is number 5 in a series, but it's the first of the series I have read. I think Adams tries to help out those of us that are "late to the party", however, I still felt a bit lost...For example, characters' previous experiences were referred to, but didn't seem quite clear & at times didn't seem relevant. There were two story lines going on, but they didn't seem to tie together cohesively.

Abbey and Blake are young & attractive. He is attracted to her, but she is closed-off to love and intimacy due to her past experiences. The story begins with Abbey witnessing a crime. Kim comes to visit California & help out a friend. She meets Leo, a movie star with a playboy reputation. They happen to meet in an accountant's office & witness suspicious activity there. That appears to be the only overlap in their stories. From there, the stories didn't mesh well for me. Even at the very end of the book when there is the reappearance of a character from early on it just didn't seem relevant anymore. The only thing each storyline seemed to have in common was the crooked accountant.

Perhaps if I had started the series from the beginning I would've enjoyed this one more. I like to have order so for me, being in the dark about the previous books affected my opinion of Imminent Danger. I'm sure fans of the series would find this worth the read.

Reviewed by Joelle for Cocktails and Books