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Bound to Danger: A Deadly Ops Novel

Bound to Danger: A Deadly Ops Novel - Katie Reus Katie Reus writes a story filled with nonstop suspense, action and drama. Maria Cervante’s mother along with many other people, are killed when a bomb goes off at a charity event they’re both attending. When Maria is the only person to survive the explosion, she becomes a person of interest to everyone, including the terrorists who planted the bomb. Cade O’Reilly shows up to question Maria about what happened at the party and to find out what she knows. Maria’s surprised to see Cade again after eight years and has many conflicting emotions about him. Cade was her brother’s best friend when Cade and her brother were in the Marines and although Cade and Maria only met a few times, they had feelings for each other. Maria still feels a simmering attraction when she sees Cade, but she’s also upset because he cut off all communication with her eight years ago. Now Cade works for NSA, which is a black ops team and most of their jobs are covert and off the books. Even though Maria comes from a wealthy family, she’s down to earth and loves her job working for a community youth program. Marie’s whole world suddenly changes after the explosion and she finds herself afraid and running for her life. Cade makes Maria feel safe when she isn’t sure who is after her or who she can trust. Even though he is big and intimidating, Maria’s never afraid of Cade because she knows he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Cade has always been a loner, but he finds it hard to resist Maria. He tries to keep his distance from her, but finds it impossible when they are continually together and as he does everything in his power to protect her. This is an entertaining, action packed story and is the second book in the Deadly Ops series, but each book is a stand-alone.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books