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Deep Surrendering: Episode 5

Deep Surrendering: Episode 5 - Chelsea M. Cameron At the end of episode 4, Fin was off to Europe for two months and I wondered how the story was going to progress. Fin and Marisol may have strong feelings for one another, but their relationship was really physical and I wasn't sure how the distance was going to work. And with Fin's POV at the very end, I wondered if Fin really wanted this relationship to work.

As episode 5 unfolds, we discover that Fin and Marisol are making it work. Phone calls, text messages and web chats are keeping their relationship on track. They still have the physical aspect of their relationship, their just finding different ways to do things. And without the physical presence, it seems Fin is able to open up a bit more to Marisol, which is nice.

Chelsea Cameron add a little bit more drama to Marisol's life with the entry of her parents and questions arising about whether or not things are good with her parents...particularly her mother. I'm sure the last thing Marisol needs is drama with her parents...especially with the way Fin ended the last call between them in this episode.

I look forward to episode 6 and just how Fin's going to talk his way out of this one.