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Without a Net

Without a Net - Jill  Blake 3.5 Cocktails

A great realistic read about a widowed wife and mother who thought she had the perfect marriage until an accident left her husband wanting to tell her the truth before he died. Eva was left finding out that her husband had affairs and was involved in a ponzie scheme leaving her to deal with the aftermath. Struggling to keep her house and just making her son happy and worry free in hard enough without having feelings for the town’s hot Dr who is a player.

Max is a hot ER Doctor who lives life to the fullest until a skiing accident leaves him with a broken leg and left to his own devices. This is where is knows there is more to life than what he has been doing. He has nothing but time on his hands so he decides to write a book, he is need of a PR person and Eva is just the person he is looking for.

I loved how their relationship grew and how she struggled with keeping it professional. But Max didn’t let up he wanted Eva and Eva wanted him. Team that up with family members who were real and a little boy who was too cute for words and this makes a great book even better. I loved it and look forward to reading more of her books.

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