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Last Resort

Last Resort - Kate  Roth LAST RESORT was one of those books where the story pulled me in, unexpectedly, and had me loving the characters. Danielle and Evan may have had similar goals about why they were at the Mexican couples only resort, but the reasons that drove them there were very different. Danielle hadn't had sex in six years and her boyfriend had just broken up with her because she couldn't go all the way. Evan used sex as a way to run for a past that seemed to haunt him. But when they run into each other at the resort, the sparks fly and neither of them can ignore what's happening between them.

The storyline might be predictable, especially with the expiration date set on Dani and Evan's fling, but the author does a fantastic job of keeping it fresh and readers engaged. Danielle's sexual awakening at the hands of the very capable Evan is very hot and had me eagerly turning pages to find out what was going to happen next. Although this story continues on in BEST LAID PLANS (coming soon), this novella is definitely one to pick up if you want a quick weekend read or something to keep things hot while sitting pool side.