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The Man Plan

The Man Plan - Tracy Anne Warren After three years of college, Ivy Grayson decides to drop out and move to New York City to pursue her painting career. Ivy’s mom is worried about her being all alone in a strange city and asks James Jordan to look after her. James is thirty-six and a rich and successful businessman. He was Ivy’s next door neighbor and five years ago, he was in love and engaged to Ivy’s older sister Madelyn, but she changed her mind minutes before their wedding. Ivy is a risk taker. She is willing to forgo college to pursue a painting career, not knowing if she will be successful. She is also willing to take a chance and try to win James heart. She has been in love with him for years, but he sees her as a child. Ivy plans to change his perception of her as being too young for him and hopefully, win his love. As Ivy puts her plan in place, James struggles with his attraction to Ivy. The premise of this book made me uncomfortable. Tracy Anne Warren is a wonderful author, but I had a hard time dealing with the idea that James is sixteen years older than Ivy. She is twenty and he is thirty-six, that’s a huge age difference. James grew up next door to Ivy and is almost like a brother or uncle to her. On top of that, he was in love with and engaged to Ivy’s sister. I liked James, he’s a nice guy, but I didn’t think he was right for Ivy.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books