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Sharing You - Molly McAdams SHARING YOU is a book that is going to evoke many differing emotions. If you're not a fan of infidelities, well, the blurb for the book tells you this book had it so this may not be one for you. But for me, while I don't condone cheating under any circumstances, it had it's place in this story and brought a different perspective to the romance between Brody and Kamryn.

Brody and Kamyrn were both dealing with different things in their lives when they met. The attraction and feeling of coming home between the two of them was instant. So immediate that when it happened in the story it felt like you were standing in the room watching it happen. It was that tangible. But we knew Brody was married, no matter how unhappily, and Kamryn wasn't the type of person to break up a marriage. She may lust for him, but she wasn't going to be that woman. So I was torn when they gave into their attraction. On one hand, I wanted them together, but on the other I wanted Brody to do the right thing and be rid of Olivia before they started anything. But timing isn't always perfect and you can't always control your feelings, I get that. And we knew how each of them struggled with the decision they made. Brody hated putting Kamryn in the situation as the "other woman" while he tried to get his wife help and Kamryn hated being the other woman and breaking up a marriage she knew was basically over.

As they struggled and fought to keep what they had, it did allow for (as a reader) to truly understand that these two were meant to be together. I may not agree with how they started their relationship, but being together definitely brought life back into each character. Brody becoming more the man he was before and Kamryn able to rid herself of her Kentucky racing roots and just being herself. And when you see this side of Brody and Kamryn it's hard to not to like them together and want them to figure this out.

Evil has a new name and it's Olivia Reynolds Saco. She was freaking crazy and the main reason I wanted to chuck my Kindle across the room at various points and time. Holy mother of God, this woman was pure evil. She was manipulative, vindictive and borderline psychotic. They way she controlled Brody by using his grief was hateful and made me wish she was real so some sort of bodily harm to could to her. I wanted this woman to suffer for what she put Brody through. Actually, both her and her sadistic parents. That's my only regret with this book. Just divorcing the crazy bitch wasn't enough for me. Brody deserved to get some kind of justice when he finally rid himself of the Reynolds clan. Sure, he got the love of his life, but that just didn't seem like enough (yes, I'm blood thirsty and I'm not embarrassed to say it).

This was another great Molly McAdams book. She always managed to evoke such emotions from me as a reader, that I enjoy discovering what kind of ride I'm going to be on. If you don't mind the infidelity, this is absolutely a book you should read. At it's core, it's about overcoming your past and fighting for your future, something that this couple definitely needed to do to get that much sought after HEA.