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Deep Surrendering: Episode 4

Deep Surrendering: Episode 4 - Chelsea M. Cameron 3.5 Cocktails

Episode four in the DEEP SURRENDERING serial finds Marisol trying to coax Fin into trying sex s different way: face to face. Fin has is issues with sex and it takes quite a bit for Marisol to get Fin to be open enough to try this for her without being a robot. And when she finally does get her way, she also manages to get him to agree that maybe, just maybe there is more to their relationship and they shouldn't end it because he'll be gone for two months on business.

We didn't learn anything earth shattering about Fin's past in this episode, but we did see Fin and Marisol grow closer. It's as if Marisol getting her way pushed their relationship passed an imaginary line Fin usually drew in the sand for his relationship.

I look forward to seeing what's in store next. I have a feeling things are going to start getting a little bumpy for Marisol and Fin.