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Chasing Desire

Chasing Desire - Jennifer Domenico I'll start this off by saying I really enjoyed CHASING DESIRE. It was funny, sexy, emotional at times and had a couple of very naughty characters. There was even a bit of suspense written in that kept you guessing.

Brayden James was a crack up. I found myself laughing a lot at some of his dating (and I'll use that term loosely) fiascos. Brayden was a player and he had no qualms about sleeping with woman from his office, potential clients, random hook up at the bar....it didn't matter. If she offered herself up to him, Brayden would take it. But I equally enjoyed when Brayden got a bit of a conscious and decided he was going to grow up and not mess around at the office at virtually the same time the woman who would tame him starts in his department. Brayden's attempts at being professional (and failing miserably) were almost just as funny. But Brayden also started to realize that what he had with Mackenzie was much different than all his other hook ups and he began to grow up. I always love when the playboy suddenly finds himself wanting just one woman and wondering what the hell just happened. But instead of having MacKenzie fall at his feet, Brayden had to work for his woman. I think working for his relationship with her made them a better couple in the end.

Mackenzie had her own issues. She chased Brayden, because she felt the same connection to him as he felt for her. She pushed him when he tried to put the professional distance between them. But when she finally won him over, she wasn't expecting Brayden to break through her emotional walls. Mackenzie had issues with abandonment and was determined to keep Brayden at arms length. But her pushed through her BS and proved to her he wasn't like others that had abandoned her.

This book had a little bit of everything in it and was a book that I hated having to put down. Even when the humor left the book and it took a more serious, angsty tone, I still needed to be sure Brayden and Mackenzie would get their HEA. They were a couple that, despite the direction the storyline may take, you just had to keep going until the very end.