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Toxic: Logan's Story (Torn Series)

Toxic: Logan's Story (Torn Series) - K.A. Robinson Even though Toxic is considered a standalone, I would suggest you read the other books in the series. We met all of the characters in Torn and the story continues in Twisted and Tainted. You don't have to read all of them to appreciate Logan's story in Toxic but it gives you a better understanding of what has happened to Logan. Chloe, the girl that Logan loved for years, has betrayed him and destroyed him by loving Drake. This book shows the story unfold through Logan's eyes.

All my life, I'd tried to help people, and I'd been a good guy. And for what? So, I could watch the love of my life walk away from me. The one person I'd thought would never hurt me was the one who had ripped my heart to pieces.

After living through Chloe choosing Drake, Logan becomes angry, depressed and desperate to not feel anything. Jade, Drake's band mate and drummer, understands his feelings and wants to be there for him. Jade isn't fond of the path he is walking down because she has always thought Logan was truly a good guy. Even with Jade as a friend, Logan numbs his pain with women and alcohol.

"I'm an asshole. I'm not the same guy you met when I was with Chloe. I'm bitter and angry and f***king self-destructive."

Jade stands by him and they slowly begin to open up to each other. However, much like Logan, Jade has trust issues. She and Logan have communication issues and suffer through some difficult scenes in the book. But when they finally get to a point in their relationship where they are comfortable together, they are sweet, funny and a natural fit. Will they be able to overcome all of their issues together and bring their lives together? You need to read the book if you want answers!

I loved that we spent a good amount of time with the rest of the crew: Chloe, Drake, Adam, Eric and we get to see how Breaking the Hunger is doing as a band/unit. I loved Jade's little sister, Bethaney. I hope we see more of her in the future. Maybe a pairing with Eric? I also want Adam and Amber to have their HEA. This is a great series and Toxic delivered. Read them all!

Reviewed by Candance for Cocktails and Books