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Healing Her Heart (A Stanton Family Novella) (Entangled Edge)

Healing Her Heart (A Stanton Family Novella) (Entangled Edge) - Audra North HEALING HER HEART is a quick read focusing on the relationship between a doctor and an extended care facility director. Greg, the doctor, and Carrie, the director, have known each other for the past year from the many times she's brought her residents into the ER. But after one too many deaths, a panic attack leads Greg to a one week vacation and an interesting proposal for Carrie.

I liked both the character and they did have chemistry together. I just had a hard time believing that they would fall for each other that quickly, especially considering Carrie's relationship hang up. I could believe the hot sex and wanting to continue, I just couldn't believe the profession of love.

That said, for a 113 novella, the author can only put so much into the story to move it along. She did provide some great secondary characters with the residents at the home who loved to harass Greg. They definitely made me want to keep moving along with the story.