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Deep Surrendering: Episode 3

Deep Surrendering: Episode 3 - Chelsea M. Cameron If you haven't been reading the DEEP SURRENDERING series by Chelsea M. Cameron, your missing out on the fabulous Fin. He's a very complicated hero who has a somewhat complicated relationship with Marisol. But I think as the saga continues, we're going to find Marisol is definitely going to be a game changer for Finn and his plans.

The more we get to know Fin, the more I really like him. His "one secret" agreement with Marisol gives us insight into the man. He's obviously suffered, but exactly what that is is a mystery,

Marisol is a character that I'm starting to like more, especially as she does what she can to separate herself from her controlling parents. But I have to wonder if she's jumping from one controlling situation to another with Fin.

This is most definitely a series you have to read in order, but luckily each installment is fairly short and the author is releasing an installment a month. Each installment is more addictive than the rest, making me quite anxious to see what happens next.