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Straddling the Edge

Straddling the Edge - Julie Prestsater Straddling the Edge is the third book in the series Against the Wall. Now, I started the first book (Against the Wall) but didn't quite have a chance to finish it before I got this one to review. What I did have time to gather from the first book was that Summer McGallian was a man-stealing slut!

However, in Straddling the Edge, we see a new side of Summer. Not only is it (FINALLY) summer for our teacher friends, but Summer herself is moving on to a new ""season"" in her life. She finally discovers what we readers figured out a long time ago--Chase is a jerk. Summer has come to terms with her relationship with Chase being over and the fact that really has no friends--especially at work, based on her ""reputation"".

Dean is a also a teacher at Carver High, however, Summer doesn't meet him at school. They meet unexpectedly at her favorite watering hole, but Summer does not warm up to him right away. Eventually, she finds out that they not only work together, but that Dean also went to Carver High with the rest of the ""gang"".

I really enjoyed this book. It was a sweet love story with some hotness sprinkled in! Being a teacher at my own alma mater, I can identify with many of the characters. I also loved that Prestsater referenced cool restaurants and places locally here in Southern California. I loved that Summer is a Dodger fan--pay no mind that Dean is a die-hard Angels fan--and she loves her local craft brewery! I think I know which one you mean, Ms. Prestsater. Many of us teachers frequent the same one!

Going back now to read #1 in this series and I just bought #2 for my Kindle. Happy reading!

Reviewed by Joelle for Cocktails and Books