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True to the Law

True to the Law - Jo Goodman I loved this book. Intriguing, sexy, and exciting, the author has put together a cast of fun, sharp witted characters who bring to life a western romance full of secrets, mystery and lust. The pace is perfect, keeping the suspense in the air and the character development flowing beautifully. The storyline is familiar, yet unique. Set in Wyoming in 1889, True to the Law is so well written, reminiscent of a John Ford classic.

The heroine in the book, Tru, was my favorite character. She is easily likeable and feisty to boot! She stole the show in every scene she was in. Her spitfire personality complimented that of each and every character in the book wonderfully. She truly was enjoyable! The rest of the characters, including Cobb, the upstanding “lawman”, added their own uniquely pleasant flavors to the story.

This was my first book by Jo Goodman, and I can honestly tell you that it will not be my last!