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Wishing For A Highlander

Wishing For A Highlander - Jessi Gage Melanie newly single and pregnant. While working at the Charleston Museum she receives a box that wont open, While fiddling with it she makes a wish for a Highlander and was swept back in time, to the Highlands.

Darcy a man who runs a mill, and try's to be a good man and do is duty to his clan. After an incident in his youth he swore to never be with a woman.

When Darcy finds Melanie, he claims her as his own. Feeling very compelled to help and protect her.

I really enjoyed reading Wishing for a Highlander. It was the first time travel book i read in awhile. I loved how it was full of magic and action as well romance. The plot was well written and kept me on the edge of my seat with what was going on. The character were believable, and very interesting. Hero and Heroine were very well round characters and did not seem one dimensional. I loved the back story, it made it easier to see and understand why the character were the way they are. After reading this i really hope Jessi Gage writes more of this genre.

Reviewed by SammySosa for Cocktails and Books