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Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash - Kelli Scott Juli Falzone was all ready for her overdue girls get away. Thanks to the TSA that isn’t going to happen and now she is stuck trying to figure out why she was not allowed to fly. A knock on the door only heightens her fear, two police officers with a warrant for her arrest. Now she can’t breathe and the only thing she can think is someone has stolen her identity.

Jared meant what he said, tonight was his last night. Keeping a girlfriend was near impossible with this kind of work and all he wanted was to have a relationship. Of course his partner doesn’t see it that way and is ready for an action packed night.

Juli and Jared have a connection from the start and he seems to push her buttons in all the right places. Although, Juli is a bit tentative with everything that is going on, it doesn’t take her long to open up to Jared and find out what kind of women she really is.

This book was a quick read but interesting none the less. The ending could have been a bit more interesting but the story flowed seamlessly. If you are looking for a quick read with a little hand cuff action, spanking, and foreplay, then I highly recommend this book.

Reviewed by Dani for Cocktails and Books