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The Marine Cowboy

The Marine Cowboy - Heather Long A.J. Turner has left the marines and gone home to Freewill, Wyoming. All he wants is the quiet of his ranch and to train his horses. And that’s what he was doing when he was reminded of his promise to his buds to sign up for Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand service.

Sheri moved to Freewill to start over. She has signed on with Madame Eve to find a man the total opposite of her ex. A man with honor and courage, a man like A.J. Turner.

A.J. already kept seeing Sheri around town and made plans to ask her out, when he agrees to meet up for this one night stand he signed up for he never thought it would be her. Sheri never thought the service would actually find the man she was looking for and surely not in this small town she moved to, but after seeing A.J. on his first day back in the cafe, it hits her that this is probably the guy they will set her up with.

I found this chemistry with the two characters spot on for a hot and steamy one night stand. You get to hear a good story from his experience overseas and learn about the awful marriage Sheri had and why she never thought this would work. At the end of the book you left with the wonder of do they make it more than a one night thing. I really loved this short read and would recommend it to anybody looking for a quick steamy read.

Reviewed by Kenzie for Cocktails and Books