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33 Valentines

33 Valentines - Stephanie Monahan Hilarious, sweet, romantic and touching, this book is absolutely delightful. Sophie wants her 33rd year of life to be better than the years before. She wants to take charge and make something of her life. She decides to tell her best friend, Sam, her true feelings for him. But when she reads an e-mail from him that says he’s found the perfect girl and they’re going out on Valentine’s Day, Sophie’s shock ends up putting her in the emergency room with a broken arm. From there, it’s just one thing after another for our heroine, transpiring into a climactic ending that’s romantically sweet.

The characters in this story are written with such detail, that you feel as though you’re living vicariously through them. The intense chemistry between Sam and Sophie is fun, frustrating (as I started to yell at the book because she wouldn’t just tell him how she felt!), and romantic. The secondary characters in the book are fun as well, as they add depth to an already entertaining life for Sophie. The story is a perfect Valentine’s Day romance, a quick read, and one that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves a good contemporary romance.

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