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Mr. Insatiable

Mr. Insatiable - Serenity Woods Mr. Insatiable was an awesome read!!!

It was a sweet romance between two longtime friends. Kit is the best friend and business partner of Enya's brother, Tristan. He and Tristan's younger sister, Enya, meet again at the wedding of Kit's sister, Lisette to Enya's brother Tristan. He sought her out because he noticed her sad disposition throughout the wedding. She confides in him that she and her boyfriend (who is attending the wedding with another woman) broke up and asks him he thinks she's attractive . He reassures her that she is by giving her a kiss on the lips that changes absolutely everything about how they see and relate to each other. All of this in the first few pages so the book starts out with great chemistry!

Kit and Enya end up in bed where she learns that she has the ability to be passionate. Kit is especially sensitive to Enya's belief that she is unattractive and lacks passion because she was the victim of rape. Throughout the book you saw a portrait of unselfish love, devotion, and caring. One of the things I really enjoyed was even during the times of conflict or argument each one knew the other well enough to see the emotion behind the action. For example, when Enya pulled away Kit knew it was due to her fears and insecurities rather than a real rejection of him.

I rooted for this couple throughout the book. It was a quick read that found me crying, laughing, and reminiscing about my brother's friends and our relationships. Who among us didn't have a sibling or relative with a hot friend? The author did an excellent job of weaving the plot so that the dynamics of embarking on a new romantic relationship were contrasted with maintenance of a friendship with many years invested. I adored the book, and I marked it as one of my treasures that I will return to over and over again. It's that kind of book. Do yourself a favor and read it.

Reviewed by Michelle for Cocktails and Books