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Sophie's Run

Sophie's Run - Nicky Wells I sooooo enjoyed this book. I loved how Sophie found herself in a place where she was OK that she hadn't found the love of her life and was content with her friendships with Rachel and Dan. Even when she makes eye contact with the man whose gaze causes the proverbial thunder and lightening, she doesn't rush head long into trying to find this man, but instead let things happen as they were meant to.

What I really made this for me was the relationship between Dan and Sophie. There is just something between the two of them that makes me as a reader want to skim through all the other "stuff" in the book until they two of them are on the pages again, together. They spark together and (in my opinion) they belong together. And Dan is a man that, as a reader, you can love no matter what he does. He can be self centered at times, rash at others and then turn around and do something that is so sweet and special that you just have to say "awww".

I can't wait for the last book in the series and hope that, despite how this book ends, Dan gets the happily ever after with the woman that he truly loves.