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Slow Heat

Slow Heat - Lorie O'Clare Maggie O'Malley, the bookkeeper at her uncle's club, finds herself in a little bit of legal trouble when she's suspected of being involved in the money laundering her uncle is suspected of running through the club. In an attempt to clear her name, she hires the Micah Jones, the bounty hunter who barged in her office the day of her uncle's arrest. As they work to clear her name, they give in to the undeniable attraction they have for one another. But what Maggie doesn't know is Micah's past is about to catch up with him and that could be more dangerous to her than what her uncle is involved in.

I liked Micah because he was that broody, silent type of hero that we soon find is all soft and squishy on the inside. Micah is hiding out as a bounty hunter while he waits for the heat to cool over an assassination is he was hired to do is uncovered to be a CIA agent. He's constantly looking over his shoulder and tries to keep to himself, but there is something about Maggie that he finds he can't resist.

Maggie has always been the responsible one and someone her family can count on to take care of others. So when she finds herself in a lot of trouble because she did what her mother wanted and worked for her uncle, she finally decides to start standing up for herself. Micah may not be the best person for Maggie, but he has a way of complementing her temper and loud outbursts. He may not be the most expressive person, but he gets Maggie and helps her discover what she wants out of life.

The storyline behind the money laundering was one that I was less than thrilled with. It didn't have a lot of umph behind it to keep my interest. The same could be said about the storyline with Micah's father and uncle. All I wanted was more of Micah and Maggie, and a little more of her family sprinkled in. Everything else, I could have left behind.