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Secret Santa Baby

Secret Santa Baby - Robin Covington This was a really cute story that managed to take a holiday christmas song that drives me nuts and make it very entertaining.

Tessa Stoneman is about to leave the comforts of her position with GameNerdz and open her own graphics design firm. She's determined to prove to herself and others that she was more than GameNerdz's co-owner, Damien's girlfriend. But leaving GameNerdz also mean leaving behind the one man that has truly owned her heart since she met him freshman year of college...Nicholas Boone.

Nicholas knows now is the time to finally make his feelings known for Tessa and figures her last Christmas with the company he co-owns is the perfect time to do it. He's determined to 'go big' and prove just how much Tessa means to him.

This was really, really cute. Robin Covington created two leading characters that you love from the minute they appear on the page. You want Tessa to make the grand gesture to Nick so he knows how she feels. And you adore Nick and how he's chosen to let Tessa know exactly what his feelings are. It's one of those stories that just makes you feel good when you get to the last page.

If you are looking for something to keep you in the holiday spirit, this is definitely one that I suggest you pick up.