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Her Heart's Secret Wish

Her Heart's Secret Wish - Juliana Haygert This was a very sweet holiday romance. It's gets you into the holiday mood and makes you appreciate having loved ones to celebrate the holidays with.

Natasha has developed a reputation amongst the student of her college campus as a girl who looks for a good time. Little does anyone know that the reputation was based on her need to not feel so alone. But when she meets her gaming instructor, Jason Stone, she starts to believe in things she hasn't believed in before and hopes that the friendship they've built could turn into something more.

Jason has been attracted to Natasha since he first met her, but he's determined to stick to the student / professor relationship. But he fights a daily battle against his feelings for Natasha and the propriety of their relationship. When a last minute change in plan results in him staying on campus over the holiday, Jason is forced to re-examine just what he wants in his relationship with Natasha.

As I said, this was a sweet romance. I loved how the author jumped right to the heart of the matter between Jason and Natasha. Reputation and what was important. I was glad to see that both Natasha and Jason were able to put their preconceived notions about themselves and each other aside and focus on what was really important, each other.

If you need a little something to get you into the holiday spirit, this is definitely one worth trying.