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Danger Next Door

Danger Next Door - Katie Reus Grant Caldwell loved being a cop, but after a explosion during a drug bust leaves him scarred he finds himself hiding out in his house and wondering what direction he life will go. Enter new neighbor Belle Manikas.

Belle, a OB/Gyn nurse, moves next door to Grant to finally make her independent stance with her family. Too bad, her independent streak is marred by a stalker that her sexy neighbor is determined to save her from. Too bad it seems her stalker has more to do with getting Grant back in the game than coming after her.

I LOVED this addition to the Red Stone Security series. Grant is perfect as the scarred hero, all broody and bitter while still honor bound to protect those that need it. Unfortunately, all Grant saw of himself now was the scars from the blast and not the man he is at his core. That's why Belle was his perfect woman. She saw past the scars, immediately to see just what kind of man Grant was.

I enjoyed the storyline with the serial killer managing to pull Grant out of his pity party and working for Red Stone. It was a little disturbing to think a serial killer could obtain the name and address of a ex-cop in hopes of continuing his game, but it totally kept you on the edge of your seat...which was a lot of fun.

Awesome, awesome read.