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Renegade - Nancy Northcott When Griffin Dune, ex-Sheriff of the Southeastern Collegium discovers the current Sheriff, Valeria Banning, being held captive by ghouls close to his home, he's determined to rescue her and see her to safety before she can discover who he is. But there is something about Valeria that Griffin can't let go and he wants her to believe he's not the man everyone says he is. When she agrees to help him, they find themselves on the run, trying to figure out who they can trust and who the real threat them is.

I really enjoyed this story and the world Nancy Northcott has created. Valeria and Griffin were two very strong characters who would do anything for those they loved. They believed in truth and justice and would do what they needed to in order to ensure those that broke the laws paid. That's hard to do when those in positions of power abuse the rights they've been given, but Valeria and Griffin both were determined to ensure those that were abusing their power paid, even if that mean they were the ones that paid the ultimate price. And while they were determined to save their people from the ghouls and those within the Collegium who were aiding the ghouls, they found something more important...each other.

This is definitely one series that I will be following. The characters were wonderfully written and the storylines entertaining and engaging. I look forward to more from this author.