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Empty Net

Empty Net - Toni Aleo "Book Three Assassins series

Audrey Parker was unhappy with her life, she is just going through the motions at work, since she works in the family business it's not like she can tell her dad she hates her job, To make things worse she ends up alone at her sisters wedding, because of a fight with her jerk boyfriend. Audrey doesn't want to be jelious of her sister and her beautiful day, she is just sad she hasn't found her Prince Charming, so she ends up drowning her sorrows so much so that when she wakes the next morning she isn't alone.

Tate Odder ,a Swede picked up by the Assassins from their farm team in Florida, is an amazing goalie and loves his new team family. Lucas Brooks (the groom at the wedding) is Tate's best friend and so he attends Lucas and Fallon's wedding even though he doesn't know many people there. When he spots the beautiful, curvy brunette walk into the room he is instantly smitten. Tate finally works up the courage to go talk to her at the bar and pretty soon they end up back in his room having earth shattering sex.

When Audrey Wakes up next to Tate she doesn't even know his name but she needs to get the heck out of there. Through a series of coincidences Tate and Audrey meet again, and again. Audrey thinks she should just take a break from men after the mess with Levi, her ex that dumped her the day of the wedding, and Tate needs to prove that even though he is younger he is ready to make a commitment to Audrey.

This is a stand alone book and while you don't have to read books one and two to enjoy book three I would suggest that you do.

What can I say this book has it all its fantastic tale of romance, sex, love and happily ever afters and all the ups and down and work that goes into making that happily ever after happen. The main characters lives are intertwined with the secondary characters to the extent that you learn all about them as well. The story written in such a way you feel like you are part of the lives of Tate and Audrey. You cheer for them, ache for them, want to strangle them and Love them. We have ice melting hot sex, fights, make ups, misunderstandings and finally Audrey's Prince Charming and her happily ever after.

I give this book 5 cocktails I would add it to my bookshelf of books to re-read over and over again.