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The Taming of the Thief

The Taming of the Thief - Heather Long The Taming of the Thief was an unexpected surprise. It has a storyline that moved at a good pace and maintained my interest, but more importantly, it had a hero and heroine that captured my heart from the moment they first met each other.

Sophie Kingston, curator at a New York city museum, stumbles upon the murder of her boss while they are setting up a new exhibit. Sophie's positive she didn't imaging the murder, but the police are unable to find any evidence...including the body. But when Sophie finds a mysterious Frenchman in her apartment and she finds herself a target, so discovers there is much more to the people after her.

Pietr Sauvage is doing a favor for his cousin and his fiancee. Their continued search for the missing Fortunate Buddha has a possible lead when they discover a certain doctoral student and museum curator has been researching the missing artifact. Pietr leaves his beloved Italian villa to meet Sophie and determine what she knows. What he finds is an educated woman who tempts him like no other and awakens a primal urge to protect and claim. His number one focus is now to ensure that Sophie is safe and his.

Pietr is a wonderful alpha male hero buried in a man who has been know to let his money, looks and charm get him what he wants. He doesn't expect to like Sophie or feel as drawn to her as he is, but he doesn't fight it either. Sophie, on the other hand, desperately tries to stop herself for instantly falling for this charming Frenchman who says all the right things and makes her melt. They balanced each other out that helped ground Pietr and gave Sophie more confidence. They may have met under unusual and dangerous circumstances, but fate (or the Buddha) knew exactly what would happen when these two met.

A very quick read, but one that was extremely entertaining with just the right mix of romance and suspense. Besides, who can resist a totally hot Frenchman?