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Loving Lady Marcia

Loving Lady Marcia - Kieran Kramer If the fact that the heroine's name is Marcia and her father's title has Brady in it has you thinking this is going to be a cheesy take off of some Brady Bunch episode, you'd be wrong. Sure, there are some similarities between the TV Brady's and those in the book, but there is no comparing the TV Marcia with the strong and independent Lady Marcia Sherwood.

Lady Marcia Sherwood and Duncan Lattimore, the Earl of Chadwick, meet as he and his brother, Finn, escort Marcia to Ireland. Finn is fun loving, entertaining and attentive to Marcia, while Duncan is standoffish and pensive on their journey. While Marcia and Finn haven't a care in the world, Duncan contemplates his newly obtained title and what he is going to do to restore the Earldom. So it's no surprise Marcia and Finn strike up an immediate friendship which soon turns into something more, including devastating heartbreak.

Duncan and Marcia lives took a decidedly different paths after that fateful trip to Ireland. Marcia took the only course she thought she could after what happened with Finn and became the Headmistress of the school she attended. She's sworn off romantic entanglements for the security of caring for "her girls". But what she really lost that summer was the belief that someone could want her the way her stepfather wants/loves her mother. When she was tossed so easily aside, she figured no one would ever want her. To save herself any grief, she decided to close herself off at the school. But Duncan opened her eyes and showed her that she could be loved for who she was, which included her ideals and aspirations.

Duncan is a fixer. He tried to protect his mother from his father's infidelities, tried to help Finn grow up and become a better man, and tried to make a home full of love for his son, Joe, himself and his servants. He craved the love of those he felt close to and longed to have anyone of those he held dear tell him they loved him in return. Duncan had to learn he couldn't fix everyone or fix a situation for those he cared for. He had to let go of those that truly didn't deserve his affection and focus on those that did and realize they would love him even if he or they failed.

Duncan and Marcia didn't have the easiest path to their HEA. Their demons were their own worst enemy, but in the end the discovered their relationship worked much better when the words were said rather than hoping someone understood their actions.

A wonderful start to the House of Brady series. I can't wait for the next book.