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Blood Guilt

Blood Guilt - Marie Treanor I discovered Marie Treanor last year when she toured for Blood Eternal, the final book in the Awakened by Blood series. I loved Saloman and Elizabeth's journey and was a bit depressed when I got to the end. So imagine my excitement to find a new trilogy by Marie Treanor featuring 2 characters from the previous series.

Blood Guilt centers around Maximilian and Mihaela. Maximilian is the "child" of Ancient Vampire Saloman. Maximilian has spent the past hundred years hiding from both the vampire and human world as he wallows in guilt for his role in the attempted murder of his sire. He's spent the past couple of months trying to figure out what direction he wants his life to go when he's saved from almost certain death by Mihaela.

Mihaela, a vampire hunter is on vacation in Scotland at a crossroads. Three months ago, she was almost killed during a battle with vampires on opposing sides from Saloman and the hunters, but was saved by Maximillian. Since then, she's been confused between what she was raised to believe and what she has witness in Saloman and Maximillian. When she saves Maximillian from a beating, she figured they were even. But she discovers that in order to save an orphan boy from being used by a group of vampire, lead by the vampire responsible for killing her family, she's going to need Maximillian's help.

After Mihaela railed on Elizabeth for being involved with a vampire, it was fitting that it was a vampire that would cause her to question everything she was taught to believe. Prior to Maximillian, not even Elizabeth could get her to question her belief in the Slayers or how she came to be in their care. She did struggle with her feelings for Maximillian and the things they had done together, but at the end I think she realized that no matter what he was, he, along with Robbie, was what made her happy.

For Maximillian, Mihaela showed him he was worthy of love. While he may have gone into their relationship with different intentions, she brought his humanity back. With that he was able to let go of the past and work toward a future with Mihaela and Robbie.

I was happy to find so many of the characters from the Awakened by Blood series in Blood Guilt. This is truly a continuation of the main storyline that we had in that first series, now with a different leading couple. I can't wait to see what happens with Konrad in his quest to break the alliance with the vampires. But one word of caution. While this book is a stand alone and could be read without having read the previous series, I would recommend it so you know what's lead up to the starting point of this book and, more importantly, how Maximillian and Mihaela ended up where they are.