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Spellcaster - Cara Lynn Shultz What do you do when you and your destined soul mate break a centuries old curse? For Emma Conner and Brendan Salinger, you try to put the past behind you and act like a normal couple. Or as normal as a new witch and her boyfriend can be. Unfortunately, for Emma and Brendan, his past and Emma's newfound witchy power crash into one another. Emma needs to get up to speed with her spells in order to save the day.

I wasn't sure what to expect with Spellcaster. I figured once the curse had been broken, Emma and Brendan would go off on their merry way. Luckily for us, they do hit a few snags in their journey to happily ever after. The snag being Brendan's past.

Brendan didn't live the life of a saint before Emma came along and Emma tended to be a tad bit jealous over being reminded just how many "hook ups" Brendan had. So it was fitting that one of those hook ups, one who happened to be a witch, decided to get a little retribution while attempting to gain some evil powers.

While Emma had to deal with the fact that someone, was again, trying to kill her, Brendan also had to deal with the knowledge that something he did in the past is coming back to harm someone he loves. It was refreshing to see the gut wrenching emotions that Brendan went through, trying to figure out if it would be better for Emma if he broke things off with her (which you could tell would kill him). It made me forgive Brendan for his slutty ways and hope they could defeat the evil witch.

After finishing Spellcaster, I hope to see more to the series. Brendan and Emma grew, but I'd like to see what else may be in store for them...especially as Emma's powers grow.