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Somebody to Love

Somebody to Love - Kristan Higgins Parker Welles has the rug pulled out from underneath her when she discovers that her father has lost all the money in her trust fund and her son's, leaving them broke. She thought she was homeless too, until she discovers that she's inherited a great-aunt's house in Gideon's Cove, Maine. Thinking she going to spruce the place up and then flip it for some fast cash, she leaves her son in the capable hands of his father for a three week vacation and heads to Maine. When she gets there, she discovers that the house she thinks she's going to spruce up actually needs to be torn down.

Enter James Cahill, or Thing One, as Parker calls him. James is her father's attorney, who also happens to know a thing or two about rehabbing a shack like hers. Even though she's rather kick Thing One to the curb, she knows she needs his help to fix the place up, even if he's only doing it because her father paid him too.

I loved, loved, loved this book. Parker and James are absolutely a riot. The banter between them will have you laughing out loud. You appreciate how their relationship changes as their banter changes from bickering because they irritate each other to the conversations you have with the person that is most important to you.

Kristan Higgins did a wonderful job of interweaving characters from The Next Best Thing and Catch of the Day into this book. It was nice to see where Lucy and Ethan were in their relationship along with all those colorful and gossipy residents of Gideon's Cove. For those that love Malone, he's back and I think he says more in this book than he did in all of Catch of the Day.

As with any Kristan Higgins book, I spent a lot of time smiling and laughing while this and then right at the end reaching for that kleenex to wipe at a leaky eye. These are always a treasure to read and something I look forward to a couple times a year.