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One Night to Remember

One Night to Remember - Kristin Miller The Robin Hood of Titanic, that is what dress designer Elizabeth Scott is. While a first class passenger herself, she steals from her fellow first class passengers to give money and goods to the third class passengers in steerage. Too bad for Elizabeth the Master in Arms second in charge, Thomas McGuire, catches her in her act of thievery.

Thomas follows Elizabeth as she runs through the third class passageways. He follows her because she suspects her of stealing, but also because someone about her calls to him. When he does finally catch up with her, he takes her to his quarters, instead of the brig. Determined to get the truth from her, he's shocked when she propositions him. But he doesn't turn her down. Instead they have a quick earth-shattering encounter.

Thomas leaves Elizabeth, with both of them thinking this was a one time affair, but they don't get much time to think of what comes next, as a pesky iceberg gets in the way of Titanic's voyage across the Atlantic.

The author does a great job of interweaving what happened during those 2 hours after hitting the iceberg into the story. Unfortunately (and this is by no means the author's fault) I kept waiting for Kate Winslet to come sailing through the pages screaming Jack's name or Leonardo DiCaprio telling Rose to never let go. However, this story does get a happy ending.