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Rules of Negotiation

Rules of Negotiation - Inara Scott A hot shot CEO hoping to use his sex appeal to get a telephone number from a lawyer who's learned never to trust men. Who will win this war when it's a battle of wills?

Brit Bencher is known for doing whatever he can to get what he wants. If what he wants is for a member of his family, he's even more ruthless. In this case, it's the phone number for the owner/scientist of a company he thinks his sister would be perfect for. To get that phone number, he'll use his charms on the lawyer who is helping broker a buyout with his company. He didn't expect that lawyer to be the one woman who resists his charms and intrigues him beyond everything else.

Tori Anderson drives herself at work to prove to her mother she's made it as a lawyer but to also pay for her mother's medical costs. She's not impressed with Brit Bencher when he starts turning the charm on her, but she's intrigued because he offers her the one thing she hasn't done before...a one night stand. But when she sees there's more to Brit than the womanizer she believes him to be she finds herself falling. Unfortunately, she also discovers that he's been using her to help his sister.

I really wanted to like both of these characters more than I did, but I couldn't connect with them. Brit seemed to take his role as "head of the family" a little too seriously and at times had me wanting to smack him for being so overbearing. Tori bothered me because she seemed to take what her bitter mother said as an absolute when it came to men and a woman's worth. That's fine when we're younger, but at some point don't you develop your own sense?

Both Brit and Tori had redeeming qualities because they were willing to go above and beyond for their family. They were both determined to take care of those important to them, sometimes to their own detriment.

While I may not have been able to connect with the characters, it's still an interesting story and one that other may be able to connect with. A worthwhile read.