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Second Chance

Second Chance - Debbie Gould What do you do when your wife dies during childbirth right after you left for a "quickie" mission? For Colin Beckett, you leave your daughter with your sister-in-law, move into an apartment and sink yourself into your military career. He visits his daughter, but they leave him feeling guilty for all that was lost and the fact that he is attracted to his sister-in-law.

Emily has always had a thing for Colin, even before she introduced him to her sister. Now she wants to find a way to crack his icy exterior and to make him realize that the two of them could make a family with his daughter. She enlists the help of Madame Eve's 1 Night Stand to prove that to Colin.

For such a short read, there was a ton of emotional turmoil in this one. Colin was eaten up by grief and guilt. So much so that he practically ignores his daughter because he can't deal with the reminders. Emily longs for Colin and wants to ensure that the niece she is raising as her daughter has a loving relationship with her father. I don't think I would go down the path that thinking sleeping with the man would get me what I wanted, but hey...it worked for this story.

If you want something quick to read with a man tortured by his past and a woman willing to overlook all the things he's done wrong, this one will help you escape for an hour.