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On One Condition

On One Condition - Diane Alberts Take one person who doesn't think anyone can love them and add a member of the British aristocracy who's led to believe a marriage of convenience is needed to keep their inheritance and you have the premise of this lovely novella.

Johanna is determined to spend her life alone after having a few disastrous relationships, going as far as keeping everyone at arms length. But when she wakes up on Valentine's day after a night of drinking, she's in for a surprise when a stranger with a smoking hot British accent is in her bed.

Viscount Damon Hayes has just found out that he needs to marry for a year and attempt to produce an heir in order to keep his fortune. There is only one woman who Damon is even remotely interested in convincing (with a presentation no less) to sign up for the job. The hot kindergarten teacher who wants nothing to do with him.

This is a cute read with the old story of a marriage of convenience that leads to true love. The storyline doesn't take any shocking twists or turns, but it's written with just the right amount of longing, misunderstanding, miscommunication and finally admitting to what each of the main characters feel.