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Not Her Type

Not Her Type - Kay Jaybee This novella definitely has me looking at my UPS and FedEx guys in a different light.

The story centers around Jenny and her film courier, John. After months of sharing a cup of coffee over a half hour break, John pushes their relationship into new territory by rocking Jenny's world every week with the hottest sex she's ever had.

Jenny is a confuses bi-sexual who has a hard time reconciling the fact that she's attracted to a burly tattooed, hairy courier. She's been by herself for the past twelve years and can't believe that when she finds herself attracted to a man, he's definitely not her type. John is equally confused, since he definitely was never one to go with the prim, posh types her thinks Jenny is. But neither of them can argue with the chemistry they have together as the practically burn down her living room with sexual fire.

If you get past the "I'll drop by once a week for a half hour and bang ya" feel to the story, it was a kinky mating dance Jenny and John participated in to get to the point where both of them realized they were in a relationship and had strong feelings for the other. That was enjoyable. Where the story lost me (and got it's 3 rating) was from one particular kink scene that had me completely grossed out. I'll pretty much read anything in erotic, but getting peed on just about did me in.