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Coming Up For Air

Coming Up For Air - T.D. Jones When Maggie Dawson was left at the altar by Kevin Walker, she thought her heart would never mend. She moved on, with some semblance of a life, but she never truly recovered to the point where she could have a relationship with a man.

Just when she thinks she might be able to dip her toe back into those dating waters, Kevin Walker come back to town with his fiancee in tow. Just like that, Maggie thrown back eighteen years and the hurt splits her wide open again.

A lot happens in these 45 pages and Maggie's emotional distress leaps off the pages at you. As a reader, you felt as if you were in the room with her for every heartbreaking minute. That said, while you were in the room with Maggie you wanted to shake her and tell her to get over it. It's been eighteen years.

Sure being left at the altar by a man you thought was the love of your life would be devastating (especially since you had no idea why he left), but at some point you would have thought her friends would have pushed her to move on, instead of that push coming two seconds before Kevin showed up back in town.

The author tied the story up nicely (with Maggie and Kevin falling back in love, fighting and then getting married), but their reuniting was a little less emotionally charged than Maggie's initial heartbreak at Kevin being back.

If you only have a half an hour to spare for a book, this would be a good one for you.