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Blood of Anteros

Blood of Anteros - Georgia Cates This was an interesting twist on a vampire tale. Vampires who have a God chosen soul mate who will return that vampire's humanity while being the vampires biggest weakness. An awesome premise and to have this story introduced by a vampire who hates what he is was a perfect start to the Vampire Agape series.

Curry Brennan was turned against his will by a sadistic woman who wanted nothing more than to own him. Own him she did for 139 years until one fateful eclipse released Curry from their bond. Curry is an introverted man who has done his best to keep to himself for most of his existence. But when he finds himself renting an apartment from the family that now owns the home he built in Mississippi, he can't help but be drawn in by their Southern hospitality and their granddaughter, Chansey Leclaire. Curry knows nothing about agapes or their special meaning to a vampire when he fights the draw to Chansey, but he soon finds out that the will of the Gods is much more than any mere mortal or vampire can fight.

What makes this a great story is the fact that it's told in Curry's point of view. He's a man..err vampire, who truly hates what he is and that hatred has shaped who he is. While he claims to have accepted what he is, you can tell that he really hasn't and that makes his choices when it comes to Chansey heartbreaking.

I'm not very fond of the ending to this story as it leaves you hanging for the next book. It was kind of like being privy to a conversation and suddenly having the door slammed in your face. But I won't hold that against the book, because I did enjoy it and will cross my fingers that Georgia Cates has something wonderful in store for us in the next installment to this series that gives us the continuation of Curry and Chansey's story.