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Tell Me More - Janet Mullany Ever read a book where you thought "is anything else going to happen in this story besides XX?" That was the question I asked myself, repeatedly, while I forced my way through.

Jo Hutchinson is a night shift DJ at a radio station in Colorado . She's started a "relationship" with a mysterious caller named Mr. D, but refuses to meet him in person. Instead, she's taken to having phone sex with him and then describing,in great detail, her other sexual adventures.

Jo has quite a few adventurous. Let me give you a brief list:

Had sex with her ex live-in boyfriend as he stopped by to pick up his skiis
Had phone sex with Mr. D.
Has sex with intern at studio after getting caught having phone sex with Mr. D
Has sex in a park while on a lunch date with a guy she couldn't really stand
Had sex with lunch date guy and his married friends
Had sex with waiter at a restaurant in a private dining room while being interviewed for sex club
Had sex with multiple people at the sex club

When she's not having her adventures, she's getting to know her sexy Irish tenant, Patrick. They have a chemistry together and soon he's on her list of adventures.

I'm all for sex in a story, but it has to have a point. There didn't seem to be a point to Jo's rampant sex life, other than maybe her having a potential sex addiction. She flipped from guy to guy with ease, but had a problem with sex when it came to the one man, Patrick, that she was trying to have a serious relationship with.

I couldn't connect with her or even feel sorry for her when he little adventures came crashing down around her. I almost had to stand up and cheer, thinking she was finally getting what she deserved.