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Baby, Come Home

Baby, Come Home - Stephanie Bond
You know you are trying to too hard writing a review when you scrap every word you just spent the last 1/2 hour writing (or it’s the cold medicine that’s making me incoherent)!

This addition to the Southern Roads trilogy was OK, but...I don’t know. I’m missing something.

Kendall is the quiet, sensitive type that tend to over think their every move and don’t communicate their feelings, which lead to many misunderstandings. He made the classic mistake of thinking a woman can read is mind and knew by his actions what he was thinking and feeling. An example of this...he’s regretted leaving his childhood sweetheart twelve years ago for the Air Force. So in an attempt to “woo” her back to Sweetness, he places an ad in the newspaper in the town she’s now living in, in Michigan, asking for single ladies to relocate to Sweetness. When she doesn’t show up, he broods. How in the world is she supposed to know that was meant for her?

Amy is strong and self reliant. She’s had to be, since she’s been on her own for the past twelve years. After Kendall “dumped” her, she fled Sweetness, found a town to call home and moved on with her life. She put herself through engineering school and made the most of what she had. All very commendable. Even taking the job in Sweetness, realizing that she needs to supplement her income after the loss of her job...very understandable. But she’s stubborn and determined to do things her way. She was very much the my way or the highway type of person.

Here are some points where I get lost with this story:

Amy’s still pissed that Kendall dumped her. Still pissed about how everyone treated her when she lived in Sweetness. So considering those feelings, why would you accept a position from your ex-lover’s brother and not be expecting Kendall to be there?

Nikki finds out that Amy knew about Sweetness, even knew of the Armstrong brothers, but isn’t mad that Amy never said anything. Wouldn’t you be a little mad that your friend never said anything?

Amy kept a HUGE secret from Kendall. Does he get mad? For about 2 seconds. I know Kendall’s a nice guy, but come on. Grow a pair and have it out with the woman!

Again in this one, I felt like the ending was rushed. We got the big work up and then BOOM, last page and everyone is happy. If only I could have that neat HEA!

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