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Point of Return (The Nordic Lords)

Point of Return (The Nordic Lords) - Stacey Lynn 3.5 Cocktails

I've been on an MC kick lately and I'm always on the look out for a new twist in the MC storyline. Stacey Lynn gives us the story of an MC Princess who finds herself back in her father's MC and unsure how to deal with the past, which includes her ex-boyfriend and current MC VP Daemon.

I liked Liv and Daemon. They didn't have the typical MC romance. He wasn't a complete and utter asshole, unlike most of the men are. He may have slept around with other women, but once Liv was back and within his grasp, he gave everything up for the one girl he had always loved. He wanted a better life for her and wondered, repeatedly, if he should have done what they talked about when they were kids and left the MC life. Despite the dangers that lay ahead for them, Daemon didn't want to lose Liv and was desperate to do what he could to ensure her safety. It was hard not to fall for Daemon.
Liv had a crap hand dealt to her. She was dealing the best way she could, but she wasn't really living. Even though she wanted to be as far away from the MC life as she could, when things went wrong she found herself back in her home town and ultimately back to the club that she detested. She had a tough choice to make: embrace the MC life that she ran away from or risk losing the one man she has always wanted. In the end, Liv had to decide what was more important and if Daemon was worth everything that she had been through.

There are quite a few little sub-plots laid out for the secondary characters that I'm positive will eventually have their own books in the series. I'm hoping, based on how this one ended, that we'll get more of Daemon and Liv's story, in addition to the others.

A great start to the start of the Nordic Lords series and this is definitely one that I'll keep on my radar.