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Four Hard SWATs

Four Hard SWATs - Marteeka Karland 3.5 Cocktails

"Four Hard SWATs" is a short, sweet, and to the point romance about a five member SWAT team, four of whom are stong, handsome, Alpha males, and the other? A petite, but determined woman. All the guys are attracted to her and feel very protective of her as well.

After a raid gone bad, Niko, Sebastian, Wayatt, and Greyson have to take Tawni to the hospital, where she refuses to let any of them take care of her. Instead she calls someone who picks her up in a sportscar and steals her away. After this, the story really takes off.

I enjoyed this book for what it was...an easy read that was sexy, romantic, and fun. Yes, everything happens quickly, but in print, it's only 62 pages, so things have to move along at a speedy clip. I loved how all four guys treated Tawni like precious treasure. Their love for her really shines through, and the fact that they're willing to share her attests to that. It mentions that all four men are Doms, but there wasn't much in the way of BDSM (only a few scenes really). Marteeka Karland manages to get the "safe, sane, and consensual" message across nicely. The sex scenes are very hot, and found myself completely envying Tawni. They seduce her, take her, and love her, and, even though I can say I've never read a "fivesome" story, everyone took their particular roles in the relationship seriously.

I very much would recommend this book to friends, and I probably will. Sit down, lean back, have a nice glass of wine, and enjoy some of the most wonderful guys in erotic romance today.

Reviewed by Kenna for Cocktails and Books