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I'll See You Again

I'll See You Again - Jackie Hance, Janice Kaplan If you have ever read any other reviews I have written, you know I love a happy ending in my books. Unfortunately, I knew this book would not really have one of those, but I was interested in Jackie Hance's story nonetheless. I hope I never have to experience the loss of a child. I can't imagine how one ever recovers from such a loss. It took tremendous courage to tell this story and Hance is brutally honest throughout.

From the time I heard about this story on the news I have been curious how this seemingly preventable tragedy could have even happened. As one review I read on Goodreads mentioned, this book doesn't really offer any answers as to why Jackie's sister-in-law would have had alcohol & pot in her system at 10:30 in the morning expecially when she would be driving her own young children and her three nieces. Apparently, we will never know since everyone in the car died except Jackie's nephew.

Hance reveals the emotional roller coaster she embarks upon after the death of her three beloved daughters. She details the struggles her marriage suffers, her thoughts of suicide, her worries about the public scrutiny she was constanly under, all the way to her subsequent pregnancy of her fourth child. I could understand all of the emotions she described--anguish, guilt when she did pull herself together enough to "have fun" (how could she ever laugh or smile or celebrate a holiday again when her girls weren't ever going to be able to do the same again?) I cried right along with her (I'm crying again just thinking about it!). I was glad she came to terms--at least as much I can ever imagine one does--with the losss she experienced.

I would recommend this book, but be prepared for a tear-jerker. I think it would be a valuable read for anyone that's grieving, as Hance does provide some hope of "recovery". The unanswerred questions and mystery that surround the accident are hard to accept, but if Hance can move past it I guess we all have to. I wish her and her family & supportive friends well.

Reviewed by Joelle for Cocktails and Books