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Man of My Dreams

Man of My Dreams - Faith Andrews This was one of those books that could have gone either way, especially with the infidelity storyline, but Faith Andrews created a story that gave you a look at an imperfect marriage and what happens when a spouses infidelity threatens everything you have.

Mia and Declan had a somewhat storybook romance. After having a huge crush in high school on the elusive Noah, a library introduction to Declan resulted in hot make out sessions, first times and a marriage to the man she thought was the man of her dreams. But everything crumbles when the stresses of work and kids results in Declan doing something neither of them ever thought he would.

Of course, Mia was devastated. Who wouldn't be to discover your husband's been unfaithful? But I did want Mia to have a tiny bit of compassion with Declan, especially since she had been having some very erotic dreams about her high school crush. Sure, she wasn't actually having sex with him, but subconsciously she did want someone other than the man she was married to. And when it seemed like she was ready to take Declan back, she tells him they're taking a break (while he's in Hong Kong no less) and starts dating Noah. I'm not sure I totally agree with what she was doing, especially when she tried to sell her actions (to herself) as a way for Declan to make sure she and their family was what he wanted. Let's not mention the fact that she led poor Noah on.

The author does a great job of giving us Mia and Declan's relationship, from the very beginning. Declan has basically worshipped the ground Mia walked on, while Mia loved Declan unconditionally (unless Noah happens to be within 500 feet of her). They didn't have the perfect relationship and Declan often ran anytime things got a little too much for him, but they always made their way back to each other. And that held true during this crisis. It took a while, but Declan finally fought for what he wanted. When he did, Mia was right back where she belonged.

I really enjoyed this one, even if I didn't always agree with Mia and her choices. The characters were great and the storyline had me from the very beginning. If you've never picked up a Faith Andrews book before, this is definitely one I suggest you read.