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Sweet Obsession

Sweet Obsession - Kelly Jamieson SWEET OBESSION is a captivating, sexually charged story about two people who have a second chance at love.

Sasha Bendel is a landscape designer and meets Jack Grenville again when he asks her to design a rooftop garden for his penthouse. Jack was Sasha’s boyfriend in high school, but hurt her when he left town twelve years ago, without saying goodbye. Sasha wants nothing to do with Jack, but needs the money, so she can’t refuse the job. She feels uncomfortable with Jack because she still feels a surge of desire whenever she looks at him, but doesn’t trust him or his motives.

Sasha is beautiful, successful and self assured in all the areas of her life, except her sexuality. For twelve years, Sasha has tried to repress her sexual needs and seeing Jack brings those feelings to the surface again and makes her uneasy. Behind his sexy good looks and charming smile, Jack Grenville is dominate, arrogant and has a dark edge. He’s also rich and successful with a fun sense of humor. I loved everything about Jack, but most of all, I loved how considerate he was and that he never wavers in his feelings for Sasha. Jack treats Sasha like she is precious and desired and he’s always thoughtful, patient and complementary.

Kelly Jamieson writes a delicious story that drew me in from the moment I started reading it. The story is compelling, the characters are believable and down to earth and the sex scenes are realistic, provocative and scorching hot. There are also some interesting secondary characters that I hope to see in future books. Thank you, Kelly Jamieson for another amazing story. This is the first book in the Windy City series and is a stand-alone.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books