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Misunderstandings - Tiffany King 3.5 Stars

I"m torn over this one. I liked how we got an alternating past and present look at the relationship between Justin and Brittni, but I just don't know if I buy the whole forgiveness aspect of the story. Given what had happened between the two of them: the secrecy, the break up, the public humiliation, it felt like their path to a reconciliation should have had a few more bumps. After all, getting over what was said and done, plus two years of resentment, would have to be tough. Being trapped in an elevator for 6 hours shouldn't conveniently fix that.

I did like the characters that Tiffany King created. They were likable, even when they were being snarky or judgmental. It was easy to put myself in their place and say "yeah, I'd act like that." It's probably because of the characters lilkability and how easily I connected with them that I had a hard time thinking they would each just let go of all that happened and move forward that easily.

This was my first Tiffany King book, but I don't think it'll be my last.