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You Taste So Sweet

You Taste So Sweet - Erin M. Leaf I'm not shy about my love of a good M/M/F love story. However, I also love a good horror story too. When I saw "You Taste So Sweet", I nearly had a heart attack because it had combined my two favorite things...M/M/F and the ZOMBACOLYPSE!! I could barely contain my joy.

Lark and her best friend, Olivia, are trapped in their dorm room after a meteor exploded and started turning people into flesh eating monsters. They're holding onto the hope that Olivia's father and his friend can get to them. Eventually, they get there, but is it too late? No more spoilers! The characters are great, very well fleshed out (hehe...flesh...zombies...hehe) even though it's not a very long book. Their chemistry is nearly instant, but it was believable, because at the end of the world you either trust someone, or you don't. Some of it is blind faith. The sex is hot...almost desperate. You can feel that they NEED each other. Underneath all of this is an excellent plot. There is action aplenty, and our heroes get to kick some zombie ass!

I really enjoyed this book. I'm giving Erin M. Leaf so many points for originality and creativity in a genre that tends to have the same theme every time, girl meets boys, falls in love with boys, boys protect girl in some way, then they get their HEA. Lark, Ben, and Dillon have to actually fight and claw their way to that, and I am tickled to have been a part of it. I'm HIGHLY recommending "You Taste So Sweet". It's sexy. It's a bit scary. It's wild, and it's FUN!

Reviewed by Kenna for Cocktails and Books