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A Cowboy's Home

A Cowboy's Home - Marteeka Karland Okay. I must confess that I don’t particularly care for stories where cowboys are concerned. I always figure they’re fun to look at, and sure, they’re usually chivalrous guys, but authors generally portray them in such a cheesy light. I tend to like my heroes with a little more… sophistication, if you will. Maybe it’s because I grew up around mostly the “cowboy type” of guy – I’m not really sure. Anyway, that being said… this book, even if for a brief moment, changed my mind.

Jayce and Abigail have known each other for some time. Jayce has always wanted the intriguing librarian, but was always afraid that if he even tried, her mother would kill him. But when he gets the okay from her mother, holy hot cowboy. He goes after Abigail with pure desire.

The book is only just over 20 pages, but in those 20 pages – HOT. It’s a cute little steamy story (not completely void of a little cheesiness) that has given me a new fantasy – a man in wranglers and a cowboy hat :)

Reviewed by Marie for Cocktails and Books