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Full Measures

Full Measures - Rebecca Yarros Get your Kleenex handy!!! This one had me crying, right off the bat. Once I got my emotions under control, I was absolutely in love with the story of December (Ember) and Josh. They were incredible characters trying desperately to deal with the hands they'd been dealt while figuring out how "they" would work.

The book starts off incredibly sad. I wasn't joking when I said you needed to have the kleenex ready. Rebecca Yarros writing style puts you in the room with Ember, April, Gus and June after Ember opened the front door. It's devastating, but at the same time we realize just how strong Ember is. She would do anything for her family, including giving up her dreams. She literally puts her grief aside to deal with the things her mother can't while helping her sister and brother. Amazing! But then Ember is dealt another blow and you have to wonder just how much bad stuff is this girl going to have to endure? But she doesn't let it beat her down (entirely). She has her moments when she lets it all to get her, but then she pulls herself out of the moment and moves on.

A big part of why Ember is able to keep going is Josh Walker. Her little brother's hockey coach, he is also the guy she had a crush on in high school who unwittingly seems to be with Ember each time she needs support. He tells her she supports everyone and he's there to support her...and he does. Josh isn't completely selfless when it comes to Ember. He wants her for himself and tells her he won't quit until she's his. He's determined he and Ember will be together, even hiding something very important about himself because he knows her feelings on the subject. But his feelings for her are genuine and no matter what Ember dishes out to him, he's still there for her (even if it breaks his heart).

I loved Josh and Ember together. Their chemistry was off the charts and at times I was right there with Ember begging Josh to cave. Josh was the perfect antidote to Ember's dumbass ex. He showed her how she was meant to be loved. It took a bit for Ember to believe it, but in the end he made her believe in herself, her dreams and in their love.
Rebecca Yarros is definitely going on my must buy list of authors. Her writing style has you running the gamut of emotions, but in the end it's well worth it.